Creating an SIAI media kit - brainstorming ideas

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 08:28:41 MST

First off, what's a media kit?

"It's like a resume for your company. It's a collection of company
information and articles put together to inspire interest in media,
investors, client, and potential employees. The goal is to create a kit
that grabs the reader's attention, creates a killer impression, helps them
remember you, and makes them hunger to know more."

I'd like to know if anyone is interested in helping to create such a kit for
the Singularity Institute. Those with experience in graphics design, media
relations, or writing, would be extremely valuable in this task.

The following are some ideas for the kit:

* Focus on specific material.
* Less is often more.
* Include the five W's: who, what, when, where, why.
* Include a summary of the Institute (e.g., mission statement; past
accomplishments; present goals; future plans; donor/volunteer/affiliate
comments; benefits of the Institute's mission).
* Include the most recent SIAI newsletter.
* Include the most recent news releases.
* Include the most recent press coverage.
* Include a page (front and back) of testimonials.
* Include a list of frequently asked questions (journalists may use this
list as a reference for article or interview material).
* Include a news story sample (journalists may use this verbatim; if not, it
may at least reduce their workload).
* Include high-quality photos of board members.
* Include biographies of board members.
* Include contact information (e.g., two business cards - one for the
individual to keep and one to pass on).
* Create a collection of press coverage (printed or online material).
* Create a noticeable package (e.g., an interesting envelope; an envelope
with an interesting saying on the outside ["Life-changing information
enclosed within"]; and a professional presentation folder).
* Send the media kit as a PDF on a CD.
* Send the media kit via 1st or 2nd day mail, or personally deliver it (the
extra effort may help).
* Make a follow-up phone call three to four days after the package was sent,
to insure the media kit was received; take the opportunity to answer any
questions, to get to know the journalist, etc.
* Send a handwritten note of thanks to the journalist for writing a news
story about the Institute, or for discussing with you the possibility of
writing one.
* Send all media contacts an updated kit every four months.

Anand (

PS Thanks to Sebastien Chikara for his suggestion of an SIAI media kit.

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