Re: Creating an SIAI media kit - brainstorming ideas

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 22:41:38 MST

Comments on preexisting SIAI material that may be useable for a media kit:

> * Focus on specific material; less is often more.

The SIAI Quick Intros will be quite useful for specific material focus.

> * Include the most recent news releases.

New press releases could be about the paper, "Levels of Organization in
General Intelligence," or the large content update to the Singularity
Institute's website. Other future press release possibilities (the
following events haven't taken place yet): conference presentations by SIAI
affiliates, an audio CD release on the Singularity, new Friendly AI
material, an update to the Meaning of Life FAQ, SIAI's relocation to
Sacramento, and the SIAI online newsletter.

See the previous SIAI news releases:

"Singularity Institute Releases 'SIAI Guidelines on Friendly AI'"
"Singularity Institute Begins Circulating 'Creating Friendly AI'"

> * Include a page (front and back) of testimonials.

Statements from the following individuals may be useable as an SIAI
testimonial, with their approval: Nick Bostrom, George Dvorsky, James
Hughes, Michael LaTorra, John Peterson, Mitchell Porter, Stephen Reed, J.
Andrew Rogers, Anders Sandberg, John Smart, Simon Smith, Mike Treder, and
Mark Walker.

> * Include a list of frequently asked questions (journalists may use this
> list as a reference for article or interview material).

The online media kit can use, verbatim, the present FAQ. The offline media
kit may need a reduced version.


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