Brainstorming ideas for monthly/bi-monthly SIAI newsletter

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 22:54:29 MST

I intend to begin putting together an SIAI online newsletter later this
month. Please email me if you're possibly interested in collaborating on
this project. Thanks very much in advance.

The below are some ideas on possible material for the newsletter. Feel free
to mention your own thoughts.

No particular order:

* Introduction
* Table of contents
* Events calendar (conferences, chats, discussion groups)
* SIAI news
* General news
* Articles (recommendations, reviews)
* Multimedia
* Websites (recommendations, reviews)
* Editorials
* Singularity actvism (activities, status of active projects, project needs,
requests, donor/volunteer thoughts, tracking the Singularity movement's
* Thoughts from readers
* Specific resources (evidence for accelerating change, new computing
methods, general-intelligence-enhancing-technologies)
* Mailing list posts/discussion
* Quotes
* Journals/newsletters
* Books (recommendations, reviews)
* About SIAI

At the middle of each month, a request could be made for material that
people would like to see in, or would like to specifically write for, the

(Thanks to Gary Miller for suggesting the inclusion of status reports for
active projects, of the needs of Singularity projects, and of tracking the
Singularity movement's growth.)

Website links to present transhumanist-related newsletters:

* Betterhumans
* Extropy Institute's Exponent
* Foresight Institute's Foresight Update
* The Harrow Technology Report
* Immortality Institute
* News of the World Transhumanist Association
* Singularity Watch's Accelerating Times

# The Kurzweil Report: Actionable Intelligence on the Future of Technology
A paid subscription newsletter ($99/year for six issues) that I believe will
begin in spring 2003.

Anand (

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