Re: Creating an SIAI media kit - brainstorming ideas

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 22:38:24 MST

The following was sent to an individual, in reply to their offer to help
create a media kit. They are areas where work is needed, and help is
definitely welcomed.

1) Writing content that summarizes the Institute's work (e.g., mission
statement; past accomplishments; present goals; future plans; benefits of
the Institute's mission). 'Beginning to write draft versions of some of
content would be wonderful.

2) Brainstorming ideas for news story samples, and writing some examples.

3) Brainstorming ideas for possible press releases.

4) Finding good media contacts (journalists, websites) and sources
(magazines, ezines, websites) for stories about the Singularity Institute,
and maintaining a list of contacts and sources.

5) Writing content for a monthly or bi-monthly SIAI newsletter.

6) Developing and maintaining a list of SIAI projects and project needs.
(A version of this has already been begun at:

7) Working on graphics for the newsletter and media kit. Possibly a
repository of Singularity graphics for the Institute could be begun, and the
creation of said graphics could be discussed at SIAI Volunteers (or SL4).
Incidentally, a new transhumanist webpage and mailing list devoted to the
arts was recently begun by the World Transhumanist Association. See:


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