the 69 of us

From: gabriel C (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 22:19:17 MST

now that we know that there are 69 of us...
i am curious:

how many of us are hardware people? eg. nuts and bolts, savvy electrons,
like mixing it up with elbow grease and sonic screwdrivers...

and how many are the other sort? eg. relentless urge to code, live for
logical on and off states...

are there any other sorts on this list? if you do NOT fit into one of the
above categories, at least roughly, please speak up. i would love to know
(for information's sake) what other strange and rare talents we might have
on this list.

i am a hardware guy. mechanical stuff makes me happy, but
electrical/electronic devices even more so.
i am very excited that so soon, this electricity, that is at best right now
a vast, brutish , ocean of potential, will be transformed into
essentially a living sentient mind.
i wonder to myself, is anyone out there, especially in our circles,working
on a better hardware? not just a faster computer, but something entirely
just curious. i haven't seen anything that would indicate that that
particular line of research is happening. Of course, maybe i'm not looking
in the right places...

gabriel charron

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