Re: the 69 of us

From: Dale Johnstone (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 07:51:53 MST

Hello gang,

Firstly, I'm not a hardware guy. Machine code is about as low level as I go
(although I had fun with pirate radio transmitters when I was a youngster.)

My background is software, mainly in the video games industry. I've been
programming for 18 years (since age 9), the last 10 professionally. I have a
wealth of experience writing efficient high-end 3D engines and realtime
rigid-body dynamics systems (Newtonian physics simulations). If we ever need
to build a Diaspora-style polis, I'm probably your man (although I doubt
such a quaint scenario would arise).

However, my real passion is AI. After becoming disillusioned with the games
industry & after trying to meet my objectives within it, I recently quit my
job (again) to work full-time on AI. It isn't easy without funding, but I'm
going to do it anyway. Unfortunately there are precious few of us working on
the real AI problem.

I'm here on this list to offer my support to others working in the same
area, and to keep one eye open to make sure they don't f@ck up bigtime! :)
Real AI is seriously powerful.

We need more critical thinking & solutions into how we're going to make the
transition from here & now to a post-humanist world. I've yet to hear the
pro's & con's of various strategies. Personally I dislike leaving everything
up to a single growing mind.

I'm currently kicking around a multi-AI scenario whereby there's a community
of similar minds and improvements are made only to one of them. If there's a
problem it can be dealt with by the others. Even if the modified AI has an
edge, it looses by weight of numbers. Any thoughts?... (perhaps on a new

Dale Johnstone.

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