Re: the 69 of us

From: David Smith (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 01:48:00 MST

Hey all,
I don't know if I really fit in, but I am here anyway so what the hell.
I have crappy webtv and couldn't HTML my way out of a blank web page. As
for hardware, well..... I can twist two broken wires together to
complete a circuit! I'm not all that book smart either (no college,
trade schools, etc..) and Josh Yotty might even think I am down right
dumb (kidding, i think ;) but I am here none the less. Basically, after
the y2k thing blew over I was desperate for a new "end of the world as
we know it" scenario. I was deeply disappointed that the world did not
end for I have totally wasted my life so far (in my eyes at least). Of
course, I needed to justified "it" (my wasted life) somehow, for come
y2k I would have the last laugh as all those ambitious people who worked
their asses off trying to get somewhere "important" did it for nothing
(how selfish can I get, right?). At any rate, the y2k thing never
happened so I was the one that ended up with the mud on my face (oh, and
yes, I stock pilled food, guns, and ammo). So, One late, late night
after the fact, I came upon Eliezer's sight and was in total shock, not
only by the inevitability of the singularity but by how smart the guy
was. Thus, I joined this list so to be kept up to date on the subject of
the singularity. Mostly I like the singularity because of its
unfathomable unpredictable aspects, for it's not just a doom and gloom
deal.... A step up from my last futuristic vision. I think I will rarely
have anything to really say on this list, however I do want to at least
say now that I think you are all very intelligent, you have allot of
wowific things to say, and I feel good about being amongst you and just
lurking about.

Best wishes,

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