RE: the 69 of us

From: Alicia Madsen (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 13:14:42 MST

   I believe that sharing the backgrounds of people on this list, while
irrelevant, is important because it demonstrates how the concept of the
Singularity extends beyond individual culture, while at the same time gives us
an idea of what resources we have available. So, even though I am more of an
avid reader than a regular poster, I give up my own background.
    I am a second year college student studying Electrical Engineering. I am
relatively young; my interest in this list comes part and parcel with my
youthful tendency to explore the world of ideas. This idea that I can barely
grasp fascinates me, and so I have been doing the recommended reading. I have
become convinced of the inevitability of the rapid approach of the
Singularity, and so embrace this forum as a way to clear my head of the
misconceptions several years of reading bad sci fi has instilled in me.
   Your concern over how to reach the youth amuses me, because you (this list)
have certainly reached this one, and I ask for your help and patience as I
press the bounds of my imagination. Something as magnanimous as this
Singularity concept covers many many fascinating ideologies, and is therefore
easy to become mired. I intend to be in school for many years, and am
interested in what everyone thinks I should pay particular interest in (as the
Singularity pertains to engineering and the soft sciences in general,) so that
I do not waste my time pursuing outdated concerns. What CAN I do as an
electrical engineer to advance the Singularity?
Alicia Madsen.
Fairbanks, Alaska.

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