Re: the 69 of us

Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 21:20:59 MST

I prefer to think of myself not as a hardware or software type of person,
but more as a person interested in the layer that seperates the two. I
enjoy tinkering with operating system kernels and some low-level mental
subroutines, and I can play the PC alphageek along with the best of them.
(Dual celerons (ludicrusly overclocked), amazingly overpowered components,
custom-designed airflows, muhahahahaha!) It can also be intersting to see
just how far one's perceptions can be bent (preferably without chemical
assistance, otherwise the underlying hardware or the critical automatic
subroutines can become FUBAR (as has mildly happpened with one of the less
important parts of my visal cortex and oculomotor system)). But anyways,
interfaces are rather interesing as harbingers of complexity. A well-designed
interface can lead to startlingly simple and comprehensible structurings,
while a misdesigned or overdesigned interface can create structures that feel
more like 500 pounds of undercooked pasta dipped in krazy glue.
Regrettably, without knowing what the strucure is, most interfaces appear as
the latter due to combinatorial explosion effects. But anyways, I have
rambled long enough -- time for more recursive thinking.

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