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Regarding tools for AGI, since I have what I think is a good design for an
I also have a pretty concrete idea regarding what kinds of tools would be
useful for AGI engineering.

[Flare doesn't fit the bill, by the way.]

What I want, for starters, is a programming language that has:

1) higher-order expression power similar to Haskell

2) easily customizable / extensible syntax

3) high performance at networking and (most critically) large-scale memory
management, similar to what's achievable via C++ on Unix

4) a nice visual development environment similar in spirit to MS Visual

5) powerful scripting similar to the Unix command line

6) automatic program-correctness-checking integrated with above system

The Novamente project has been collaborating with Luke Kaiser's Speagram
project (, which has created a dialect of Speagram
called Sasha which satisfies points 1 and 2 and 5. We have customized Sasha
to Novamente to some extent. However, Speagram/Sasha still lacks a rich
enough set of libraries and needs more thorough testing and optimization.

And, achieving 3-6 remains far off, and involves a lot of work. 4 is
of course straightforward work, and 6 is straightforward though subtle,
but 3 is quite subtle and involves a lot of
tricky computer science as well as difficult programming.

Until 3 is done, we cannot use Sasha for serious Novamente development and
will continue using C++.

If there were plenty of resources around, this would be getting done in
parallel with Novamente AGI work using the C++ system. However, I am not
going to prioritize work on this stuff over work on Novamente AGI....

-- Ben G

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> > I was in the middle of my Ph.D. thesis (in AI/Psychology) in
> 1992 when I
> > finally realised that the systems I wanted to build *could not*
> be built
> > without incredibly sophisticated tools.
> Congratulations, you are now at the [ ] stage.
> That was Eliezer's tool infatuation circa 1999; I also recall
> seeing several
> 'new programming paradigm' projects (of which there are legion)
> that closely
> matched your description of what you think is necessary, but none of them
> actually looked practical and AFAIK none of them have produced anything
> useful.
> * Michael Wilson
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