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Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 12:03:45 MST

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> > > skull symbol or pointy rocks to keep future oil drillers away.

> The point was: why would anyone 1000+ years from now drill for oil? Don't
> they have a better energy source? Won't oil already be depleted (should be
> in a few decades already).
> The deeper point was: the average individual thinks that our civilization
> will end, and after that, a new civilization will have to start from
> scratch. They visualize an endless cycle of civilizations

Presumably the source of this thread was the pilot project that
physicist/novelist Gregory Benford, a participant, describes in DEEP TIME.
Perhaps it's quixotic, but we can hardly accuse Greg of not having any
imagination. Here's a long passage from his book:

Damien Broderick

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