Re: New pyramids

From: Thomas R Mazanec (
Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 11:41:49 MST

Maybe yes, maybe no.
It is as much a mistake to take the Singularity AS A FACT
as it is to take the Fall of Civilization AS A FACT.
Either could happen. It's even remotely possible that
a Singularity will occur centuries of millennia after the Collapse
and Recovery. It's also remotely possible that we will soon
reach a Plateau and have neither outcome.
I try to keep an open mind, although probabilities differ.
I would say 49% Singularity, 49% Collapse, 1% Both and 1% Neither.

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 10:10:49 +0900 "Metaqualia" <>
> > > skull symbol or pointy rocks to keep future oil drillers away.
> >
> > Of course not putting it over an oil field, tempting source of
> ground
> > water, or minerals would also be a good start :)
> The point was: why would anyone 1000+ years from now drill for oil?
> Don't
> they have a better energy source? Won't oil already be depleted
> (should be
> in a few decades already).
> The deeper point was: the average individual thinks that our
> civilization
> will end, and after that, a new civilization will have to start from
> scratch. They visualize an endless cycle of civilizations without
> nano,
> without ai, without falling meteorites. To them, "We found the
> pyramids so
> someone else in the future will find us" is a symmetrical,
> aesthetically
> pleasing, comforting thought. Never mind the internet, never mind
> peta(?)bytes of electronic text to dig through, the future guys will
> _not_
> understand english, here the need for pictograms. Hey the egyptians
> had
> those cool thingies why not us :)
> mq

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