Re: New pyramids

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 18:10:49 MST

> > skull symbol or pointy rocks to keep future oil drillers away.
> Of course not putting it over an oil field, tempting source of ground
> water, or minerals would also be a good start :)

The point was: why would anyone 1000+ years from now drill for oil? Don't
they have a better energy source? Won't oil already be depleted (should be
in a few decades already).

The deeper point was: the average individual thinks that our civilization
will end, and after that, a new civilization will have to start from
scratch. They visualize an endless cycle of civilizations without nano,
without ai, without falling meteorites. To them, "We found the pyramids so
someone else in the future will find us" is a symmetrical, aesthetically
pleasing, comforting thought. Never mind the internet, never mind
peta(?)bytes of electronic text to dig through, the future guys will _not_
understand english, here the need for pictograms. Hey the egyptians had
those cool thingies why not us :)


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