Re: Creating an SIAI media kit - brainstorming ideas

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 10:33:28 MST

Christopher Whipple wrote:

Great suggestion, thanks.

> I realize the importance of generating interest, but standard PR
> tactics and dead-tree media seem not quite in the style (idiom?) of

If you don't care, please suggest non-PR methods to, e.g., grow the
Singularity movement, and that movement's support of the Singularity
Institute. Thanks in advance.

> Maybe it's terribly naive of me, but isn't a website good enough?

The media kit may be just as useful as the present website for explicitly
conveying the Institute's humanitarian mission. It would be fantastic to
have a nice kit together for Ronald Bailey, for example, at this year's
Transvision conference, to go along with the presentations that I and others
will be give about the Singularity and Friendly AI.

Thanks very much for the comments, Christopher.

All the best,


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