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From: cosmodelia (pata-negra@wanadoo.es)
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 10:47:33 MST

> It appears this post was written for the agi@v2.listbox.com list and
> only cross-posted here as an afterthought, because (a) there have been
> no posts by or about Cosmodelia here and (b) the rest of the message is
> off-topic for SL4. Please be more selective about cross-posting into
> SL4 (the general rule: don't, unless there's a very good reason).
> - Emil Gilliam (List Sniper)

Emil, you are right. I did not post here. As you ask I'm reading the
archives and lurking before to introduce myself and to post.

I sent my posts to AGI and I don't know why Damien sent his post here. I
agree cross-posting is confusing.

Anyway, if some of you are interested and you want to read the original
posts on these topics and answers by Ben Goertzel, C. David Noziglia,
Eliezer Yudkowsky, you can read all these posts from:

[agi] Music and Artificial Intelligence

[agi] Jane

[I don't know if you need to join AGI Discussion Group to read them, but if
you want to participate you will have to join here:
http://www.agiri.org/agilist.htm ]

Maybe SL4' members interested in transhumanist memes, arts and culture can
find interesting to join the very new wta-arts mailing list:




This list is for transhumanist musicians, poets, fiction writers, graphic
designers, film makers and artists in all other 2D, 3D and 4D media, to
discuss their work, and for people generally interested in transhumanist
memes in arts and culture and ways of furthering transhumanism through the
arts. This list is owned and maintained by the World Transhumanist
Association, which is affiliated with the Transhumanist Arts and Culture
organization. Check out TAC's Transhumanist Arts Statement for one vision of
the nature and role of transhumanist art.

Best wishes

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