Re: [sl4] Please upload some molecular reintegration

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2009 - 03:49:15 MST

>> to place an individual molecule in an x,y,z coordinate
>> could only be perfectly possible under the conditions of absolute zero.
> And yet life manages to do just that every day and in conditions a bit
> hotter than absolute zero.

Really? Life manages to take an abstract input of x,y,z coordinates
and place an atom neatly at that point?
By this sort of reasoning, because life and the weather have managed
to sculpt the north face of the Matterhorn the way it is, then making
an exact, atom by atom copy of that would be utterly trivial? And
reproducing the weather at 8:56:11 this morning, on the park - that
must be a breeze, right?


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