Re: [sl4] How much do languages matter for AGI programming?

From: Martin Sawitzki (
Date: Fri Nov 28 2008 - 15:13:01 MST


> How do you know what paradigms are needed for AI? And what about the

I don't.
But it should be a subset of the paradigms in existence.

So a language, that implements all of them would be a good candidate.

(As written before, if it turns out that AI does not need specialized languages, than more languages are good candidates. Choosing with regards to available programmers and infrastructure is definitely useful.)

> paradigms LISP does not do well? Why not use a more paradigm-agile
> language (e.g. Python)? And why applicative functional languages
> rather than concatenative functional languages, given their
> comparative advantages?

I'm not that familiar with this differentiation.
So i'm maybe not even qualified to comment on this topic.
Sorry if my remarks are unqualified.
> It all seems so arbitrary.
As long as it works somehow :-)


> Ultimately real AI is likely going to be emulating a nervous
> system. You arn't going to program knowledge into the AI, your
> going to create a program that can learn. Basically its going

Thats one idea, there are many more.

You could build a really good physics emulation and just upload a brain.
Man, i am so curious how this thing in my head works and makes me do things.

> to be an interpreter that runs a nervous system. For this purpose
> LISP or other "AI languages" would be worse than useless. You'll
> want C,C++ or assembly, anything else is just going to get in the
> way and slow things down.

I don't want to code in Assembler if its not absolutely necessary.
The language is just a layer of abstraction and help you get a better overview.
Assembler is already a step up from opcodes.
You dont want to get lost in the complexities of low level stuff.

> How you assemble the "brain" running on top of the low level code,
> thats the real challenge.

brain $AI=new Brain();

With the right libraries it should work.

Have a nice evening.


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