Re: [sl4] End to violence and government [Was:Signaling after a singularity]

From: Bryan Bishop (
Date: Sat Jun 28 2008 - 14:33:25 MDT

On Saturday 28 June 2008, Stuart Armstrong wrote:
> No time to respond to all your points, sorry! Just a few quick
> comments:
> -the existence of backups is not a boon here. It reduces the threat
> of death, but I phrased my threat as a threat against property, not
> life. And the laws of thermodynamics seem to imply that it is much
> cheaper (ressource wise) to blow something up than it is to protect
> the same thing from getting blown up.

I am more interested in processes than objects.

> -polynomial bound on resources assumes finite energy in a given
> volume of space, and the light-speed limit.

I don't know. The bigger the star gets, the more it gravitationally
attracts even more resources towards it, or itself towards others, etc.

> -the only properties of governments I'm discussing is their law
> enforcement and their monopoly on violence.

It's not violence if the rate of exploitation is equivalent to the
typical background noise anyway, so that's why I'm talking about
backups, redundancy, and making sure that people can't stab you [unless
you're ok in a certain environment and reasonably like the people
around you].

> Ultimately, after a singularity, I want something from you, and
> threaten you with the destruction of your resources. What purely
> technological development will prevent this from happening?

I wouldn't necessarily be anywhere near you. I would have firewalls. I
would have multiple copies. I would let you assume you killed me. Be
done with it all, and such. Have your say, kill me if you wish, but
that's only a minor set back in the bigger scheme of things.

- Bryan

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