Re: [sl4] End to violence and government [Was:Signaling after a singularity]

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 09:58:26 MDT

>> -polynomial bound on resources assumes finite energy in a given
>> volume of space, and the light-speed limit.
> I don't know. The bigger the star gets, the more it gravitationally
> attracts even more resources towards it, or itself towards others, etc.

Light barrier. Whatever the star attracts, if there is an upper limit
to the amount of ressources possible in a finite volume of space, then
the amount of ressources available cannot increase faster than a
quadratic polynomial (as that is the increase in accessible volume for
an entity growing at the speed of light).

> I wouldn't necessarily be anywhere near you. I would have firewalls. I
> would have multiple copies. I would let you assume you killed me. Be
> done with it all, and such. Have your say, kill me if you wish, but
> that's only a minor set back in the bigger scheme of things.

I repeat, I would never threaten to kill you; that is not the issue.
And any technological advances you'd have, I would also have. Are you
claiming that there is no way I can inflict a large cost on you? (I
say large, because of human psychology; but if I was dealing with a
rational maximiser or a corporation, I only need to be able to a cost,
no matter how small).


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