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From: kevin.osborne (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2006 - 22:19:07 MDT

> I wonder if it would make sense to set up something along the
> lines of for people interested in
> AGI, but not skilled at it yet.
have a look at

> The idea is not to take away from Eliezer's precious time, but
> to learn and discover things together, hopefully creating some
> more Eliezers in the future :)
The guys have actually done a fair bit of work to make the field as
accessible as possible; hence the screeds of content posted on
and elsewhere. 'tis no wonder they get all cranky-pants when they have
to repeat themselves to the umpteenth n00b.

My guess is that the gatekeepers are trying to conduct discussions at
the level and us script kiddies are annoying the hell
out of them with our level of discussion :-)

And pasting in an on-topic reply to my similar education-requesting
from another thread:

> Sorry, wrong venue for that. Nobody has time for hand-holding, and
> trying to learn difficult knowledge from postcards is futile anyway.
> Read the damn books, that's why they were written.

Which I guess leaves us at For me (and
probably most lurkers) starting with Vinge, Anissimov & Goertzel is
probably a good bet. Eliezer and the others are sure plenty smart, but
none of them are *cough* exactly Brian Greene material when it comes
to populist dissemination.

Ideally I'd like to see us young reactionaries brought into the fold
so we can make areas like the Sl4 Wiki more accessible for its
intended audience and so we can track our progress from
kernelnewbies->lkml and therefore hopefully create a series of HowTo
guides from direct experience of the ramp-up process.

However if the young turks want to fork I'll be happy contribute to
site-to-be-named as well I guess. Zeitgeist?

> > I did you the courtesy of informing you that you
> > were ignorant ...
> While the above probably accurate, this attitude does not help
> stimulate AI research.
1337 h4xx0r pwnz n00b, nothing new to see here, move along ;-)

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