RE: AI architectures in the 2000s

From: Anthony Mak (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 20:03:28 MDT

It seems there are many custom intergrative approaches for
AI architectures and it seems they are build for a particular
application or domain in mind.

However in the literature, I often hear the words "intelligent
hybrid system". Is this perhaps the closest thing to a
discipline that studies AI architecture? In particular,
I find using agent for intergration quite interesting...

Anthony Mak

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> Subject: AI architectures in the 2000s
> I'm generalizing largely on the basis of the architectures I
> saw at the AGIRI conference... but would it be fair to call
> the 2000s the decade of the "kitchen sink" AI? Up through
> the 1990s, you could look at an AI architecture, and say,
> "It's rule-based/behavior-based/reactive", or else it would
> be composed of 2 or 3 cleanly-separated layers, each being in
> one of those well-known, identifiable architectural genres.
> Now I find architectures harder to classify. It seems people
> are not putting as much emphasis on finding the One True
> Unifying Principle to create AI.
> What do you think?

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