Measuring(quantifying) morality?

From: Anthony Mak (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 19:49:22 MDT

Dear all,

Does anyone know any work or paper people have done in
the past or present about how to measure (quantify) morality? The motivation
is, for a learning system to learn how to be moral, I believe it is
necessary to have an objective function to measure how "moral" the machine
already are, so that a machine learning alogorithm can work. Are there any
works for example in philosophy where people attempted to device
scheme/method/framework to measure morality?

At the moment, I can only imagine using some questionaire
type query to attempt to measure a person's "moral IQ",
be it a normal person or machine person.
PS. I guess another approach is to try to find all the +ve
and -ve effects from an agent's actions and try to sum them

Any reference to papers or books or other source will be extremely helpful.

Anthony Mak

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