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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 13:09:09 MDT

On Jun 4, 2006, at 3:31 AM, Matt Bowron wrote:

> Mary-
> Don't think we've met. Matt Bowron, Australian singulitarian, I
> post a fair bit on "Singularity Now forum". Basically for the
> singularity, I believe FAI or AGI is the basic idea of greater
> wisdom, which hopefully can be provided utilising all information
> of the internet of all human ideas/concepts/values. The point I'm
> trying to make is this, if we can find a similarity between say
> 'religious fanatics', 'military-industrial complex' 'world leaders'
> 'corporate heads' 'everyday people' and 'singulitarians' couldn't
> we try to use that basic similarity as a means of communicating to
> all sides and thus using this knowledge to help bring about the
> singularity as the FAI or AGI being a 'mentor to humanity'?

Not really. 'Religious fanatics' believe they already have all the
answers as laid down in their dogma and sacred text. Those answers
may already include things like this world being but illusion and
perfect happiness beyond the grave, what is required to partake of
this condition, something already in place of FAI called God, Allah
or whatever. Any sort of human effort toward Singularity is at best
seen as a waste of time by this sort and at worst as a great
blasphemy. There is no common cause with this type as a type. There
may be with the more liberal religious sorts but only to the degree
that they are free of such dogma. So I presume they are not part of
'religious fanatics' for the purpose of this discussion.

The economic/political/military powers that be will be for this to
the degree that it extends or cements their power and position
relative to others. Beyond this they will be for it only as we are
all for it. As economic/political/military powers they will look
at in terms of their own relative advantage.

Everyday people can be reached to the degree they can be convinced
that Singularity and the attendant technological buildup will be of
great benefit to themselves, their loved ones and to humanity. At
the least they would need to be convinced this is the best hope.
All of the above are connected at this level.

As for dialog, I doubt that there is enough commonality and shared
rationality to get all these groups to the table effectively.

- samantha

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