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From: Matt Bowron (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 04:31:28 MDT


Don't think we've met. Matt Bowron, Australian singulitarian, I post a fair
bit on "Singularity Now forum". Basically for the singularity, I believe FAI
or AGI is the basic idea of greater wisdom, which hopefully can be provided
utilising all information of the internet of all human
ideas/concepts/values. The point I'm trying to make is this, if we can find
a similarity between say 'religious fanatics', 'military-industrial complex'
'world leaders' 'corporate heads' 'everyday people' and 'singulitarians'
couldn't we try to use that basic similarity as a means of communicating to
all sides and thus using this knowledge to help bring about the singularity
as the FAI or AGI being a 'mentor to humanity'?

I, personally do have some ideas about what could be an example of a
similarity between the groups, but I don't want to include anything that
people would just think of me as a rambling hick. So i've included it below
under the PS, if anyone wants to read my ideas.

Matt Bowron

PS: The similarity between world leaders, religious persons, military
industrial complexes, everyday people and singulitarians, is not in my
personal opinion, the ideologies themselves, but the people who are involved
in them. Over the past 160,000 years, human meatware hasn't upgraded in the
processing department on a hardware basis, but memes and ideas have.
However, I personally believe that the emotional involvement of people and
how they emotionally interact and socialise and needs because of socialising
with all people are the same. Basically, in order to not sound too new agey
or hippie-like, I believe what most people want is love, either for
themselves or to others. The only problem is that some people are more
addicted to loving themselves rather than loving others, and these like
loving themselves by having people serve them or having people to boss
around, buy material possessions to attract other people, or take drugs or
do crime in order to love themselves as there is no one else they can
personally love without getting hurt in the process. Due to media, and the
sheer harshness of reaiity, a lot of people have built walls around them to
protect themselves. People deny things when there are things obviously wrong
with them, people get neurotic, psychotic or paranoid about people trying to
hurt them and thus huddle in groups of single minded individuals who they
believe are like families to them (religion) or they put all their effort
into what they believe is supporting a cure to all this harshness (god, a
world leader with a bright idea, a military hero, the almighty dollar, and
unfortunately... the singularity). People are dedicated to their beliefs and
thus it is hard to stop them, and due to their dedication to their people,
some other groups who have been bad in the past have been blacklisted
against the group, and thus people who seem to fit this blacklisted group
are treated harshly and thus the separation continues (racism,
ethnic-problems, class struggle, religion vs science). Some people try to
combine different ideologies (post-modernism, Bahai faith..) but there is
still the needs of the individual and the groups they belong that will have
to be addressed by the singularity, and any wisdom based AGIs or FAIs if the
utopian ideal of the singularity is to be achieved. Maybe the FAI will have
to appear as psychologists to everyone, or like the angels by Mike Deering
in Hard Takeoff, or whatever the Scientologist equivalent is, and try to
help people through their emotional problems and thus help people connect if
the singularity is to end war, hunger, poverty, disease and death.

>From: Mary Tobias <>
>Subject: Re: Singularity awareness
>Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 23:06:38 -0700
>Michael Vassar wrote:
>>I strongly agree. that knowledge of the singularity becoming public is an
>>existential risk, but I would worry more about a governmental race to UFAI
>>or to strong MNT as the mode of destruction. Oh yes, and the possibility
>>of fanatics killing those few people who could plausibly enable FAI to
>>happen first. I think that the singularity is already too high profile
>>for my tastes, though there is a trade-off between awareness and the
>>difficulty of recruiting FAI researchers.
>What of those who have trillions of dollars invested in the status quo,
>people with intrenched interests in having the world continue on exactly
>the way it's currently going? I am personally much more concerned that
>global governments and the industries that control them (and just to be
>clear, those interests are not pointed in the direction of the greater good
>or human advancement) are systematically shutting down the very structures
>required to take humanity to the next level. With the recent decision
>sealed by the new supreme court, Justice Alito espoused that "Government
>employees cannot expect the right, or to have ability to practice the First
>Amendment..." in effect government should be opaque to the public, and
>anyone who tries to penetrate that obfuscation, should be considered at
>least a security risk and possibly a terrorist.
>Before we can even begin to seriously address the critical conditions
>necessary to create any kind of transcendental AI or even a pervasive
>global technocracy, we may well first have to address the human propensity
>for totalitarianism, fascism, sociopathy, superstition and genocide. A
>world where only a tiny handful of obscenely weathy people, using the
>fruits of technology to enslave and control the greater masses will never
>achieve the end we envision or hope for... those in power will never allow
>a run-away intelligence to be born let alone exist. That would certainly be
>the beginning of the end of their control.

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