Re: Some considerations about AGI

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 08:56:53 MST


I do not believe anyone was insulting to you. Your claims were prima
facie implausible, so you should expect some tough questions and it is
surely your duty to respond to those questions. If my words looked
insulting, I apologise and ask you to treat my questions as tough, but

I must give you a word of advice, too. If you are genuine and sincere,
it might be in your interest NOT to withdraw with protests about being
offended, as soon as some questions are asked of you.

Why? Because in my experience this kind of behavior (protesting
innocence and sincerity, complaining at the offensive nature of the
questions, and then departing without giving any answers) is PRECISELY
the kind of behavior exhibited by a person who is a fake.

I do not accuse you of being a fake. Sadly, however, we do not yet have
any evidence that you know what you are talking about - so please help
us to understand by giving us some evidence that can convince us that
you do understand the AGI field and have actually built an AGI.

Richard Loosemore

Rick Geniale wrote:
> Ben and Eliezer,
> As already happened in the Sciforums, once again back to the insults.
> And, obviously, we cannot accept this kind of hostile attitude.
> We are a very serious, very scrupulous, very fair and very professional
> company (including persons).
> But it's evident that our writing must be misinterpreted (Mah!!..maybe
> it's normal).
> We haven't offended anybody, and don't want to be offended.
> We like constructive attitudes and approaches.
> So, Eliezer, please, can you unsubscribe me from SL4 for now (because I
> don't have received any welcome message nor any instruction that explain
> me how to unsubscribe SL4)?
> Thanks.
> Rick Geniale

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