Re: Some considerations about AGI

From: Rick Geniale (
Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 07:48:46 MST

Ben and Eliezer,

As already happened in the Sciforums, once again back to the insults.
And, obviously, we cannot accept this kind of hostile attitude.
We are a very serious, very scrupulous, very fair and very professional
company (including persons).
But it's evident that our writing must be misinterpreted (Mah!!..maybe
it's normal).
We haven't offended anybody, and don't want to be offended.
We like constructive attitudes and approaches.
So, Eliezer, please, can you unsubscribe me from SL4 for now (because I
don't have received any welcome message nor any instruction that explain
me how to unsubscribe SL4)?

Rick Geniale

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