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Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 08:28:29 MST

A little difficult to reply, given that you have left out the context of
some old messages, but.....

CyTG wrote:
> Daniel -> Indeed, that's why im not basing the comparison upon ticks
> (MHz) rather actual performed (ops), the (~3 x 10^9/sec) figure is not
> saying a whole lot. It may be relatively easy and fast to implement a
> boolean fulladder circuit, while the same neural net would take
> significantly more resources and be less time efficeient.
> But we're not talking fulladders here.
> I assume (wrong perhaps) that the only thing capable of emulating a
> humanoid intellect is an emulation of the micro construct that makes up
> the macro, the whole, the brain.(I have a hard time seeing anyone
> beating the universal approximation engine called nature through
> darwinistic natural selection!)

Are you saying we can only build an AGI by emulating the fine structure
of the brain? That would mean several people on this list are
completely wasting their time, because they (including me) take a
different tack.

> But I agree, specialized hardware could easily speed this up by a factor
> of 10 or even more. (See how GPU's have been (mis)used for calculations
> not related to graphics). But even so, that moves me from 10^8 to 10^7
> Richard -> You state it's a dumb way, as a fact. Is it indeed a fact?
> We'd have to have a complete clinical envoirment in wich we have
> complete control and measuring capabilites on the IO of such a column,
> to dertermine whether it indeed obeys simple deterministic boolean logic
> or not. If such experiment has not been done, or even not attainable,
> then i'd say its a pretty bold move to assume that i can emulate a
> cortical column with a few lines of code..(for example) ;)

I am not sure what I said that you are referring to!

Cortical columns hold, IIRC, about 10^2 neurons.

Couple of lines of code? Probably not a couple. But what about a few
hundred? Could easily be a couple of hundred lines of code, when you
allow for redundancy and/or inefficient design.

Trouble is, we haven't the slightest clue what exactly a column does.
(Slight exaggeration perhaps: clues I am sure we have! Certainty, not
so much).

Richard Loosemore

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> You must be kidding.
> As far as Blue Brain is concerned, don't hold your breath

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