Singularity Institute Partnering

From: David Massoglia (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 09:14:28 MST

I am curious if Eleizer has considered or would be willing to partner up
with some outstanding firm such as Google. Google appears to want to change
the world and so does the Singularity Institute. This could provide the
missing ingredients - money/more talent/more problem recognition - to
further the cause of getting friendly AI more quickly. At least something
like this appears more fruitful to me than me sending you a measly $200 even
though I know that may help in a very small way. Of course, would the
Googles of the world be willing to back this enterprise is another question
and really be able to help the Singularity Institute. (My guess: don't know
if willing to help, but are probably able to help a lot).


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