Re: Singularity Institute Partnering

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 11:16:03 MST

Well, I'll just give my opinion:

You may have noticed lately that we received some strong support from Peter
Thiel, formerly of Paypal. Think of this as a successful mini version of your
Google partnership dream. We achieved a partnership with a "dot-com'er".

The main reason we were able to get to this point, aside from the quality of our
actual ideas / writings on our site, is from networking and working to spread
those ideas. And a key part of that was the staff's ability to move to the Palo
Alto area last year after the last successful challenge fundraiser. Without
succeeding in the last fundraiser we wouldn't be at this point today.

If we complete the current challenge, then that may lead to further
opportunities to keep growing SIAI in a similar way to how the last fundraiser
opened up possibilities. And who knows, maybe if that were to continue for a few
years there might be a chance to interact with Google or some other large org,
if all the pieces were right and it made sense.

But we have to continue getting larger first, and your $200 (doubled to $400 in
the current challenge) will absolutely help, just as the donations in the
previous challenges got SIAI to this point.

P.S. Keep in mind all this recent Google AGI speculation has been purely coming
from the article writers and pundits, not from Google execs. I think it's
wishful thinking at this point, completely generated from zero real info.

Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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