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Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 23:09:27 MST

Mike Dougherty said >>>

>I am curious to know if the author of the "Becoming a
Seed AI
" would consider an actual test for what it takes to
be a friendly AI developer. If one were to pass the
test, they would be admitted to the resource pool and
given responsibility/involvement according to
talent and understanding. This same test would then be
used to test the evolved/created AGI. When the AGI is
able to pass the test to become a friendly AI
developer, then I would argue that it should be given
equal status as any other "new guy" on the team. If
this doesn't prove consciousness or self awareness or
intelligence or whatever you (anyone) want to measure,
then I doubt there is any sufficient test that can
satisfy as 'proof.'

When constructing my 'Singularitarian Directory' of
the top-100 links I judged to be needed for a seed-AI

I found that the needed info neatly divided into 4
main subject areas, each of which was further
sub-divided into 5 areas, for a total of 20 subjects
needed for a seed-AI developer. Here are the subject

*Reality Theory

(1) Anthropic Reasoning
(2) Cosmology/Relativity
(3) Quantum Mechanics
(4) Metaphysics (philosophy)
(5) String/M-Theory

Cognitive Science

(6) Decision/Game theory
(7) Consciousness studies
(8) Neurobiology
(9) Cognitive architectures (AI etc)
(10) Psychology (inc evolutionary psychology)


(11) Information Theory (inc algorithmic design and
(12) Bayesian Probability Theory
(13) Foundations (inc Set theory, logic)
(14) Complex Systems Theory
(15) Number Theory

Info Tech

(16) Networks (inc Security, Internet)
(17) Hardware (inc parallel, super-computing)
(18) Databases
(19) Programming
(20) Operating Systems

Now, the IQ threshold for getting a phd is deemed to
be around 125, and it usually takes a total of 5 years
full-time study to bring someone up to phd level
knowledge in a given specialty areas. Since there are
20 specialist subjects needed and each takes 5 years
of full-time study to bring someone up to phd level
knowledge, the conclusion is that it would take ONE
HUNDRED YEARS (100 years) of full-time study for a
single human to be competent to be a seed-AI developer.

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