RE: The Relevance of Complex Systems [was: Re: Retrenchment]

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2005 - 18:01:57 MDT

> > Indeed I can quite easily state that no causally chaotic system is
> > stable under self-modification, and that all such systems will
> > rapidly disintigrate or fall into a causally clean attractor
> > on gaining the ability to self-modify. If you don't accept
> > that an AGI based on 'Complex Adaptive' low-level mechanisms
> > will inevitably fall into a 'non-Complex' attractor, then show
> > us such a system that actually works.

I don't agree with this assertion at all. This doesn't hold for other
complex self-organizing system and I don't see why you think it should hold
for AGI's. Do you have any argument to support this contention?

-- Ben G

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