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Date: Wed Sep 07 2005 - 18:08:08 MDT

Michael Wilson wrote:
>>I was in the middle of my Ph.D. thesis (in AI/Psychology) in 1992 when I
>>finally realised that the systems I wanted to build *could not* be built
>>without incredibly sophisticated tools.
> Congratulations, you are now at the [ ] stage.

I am "now" at that stage? I was referring to 1992.

I looked at Flare a few years back. I was not impressed.

> That was Eliezer's tool infatuation circa 1999; I also recall seeing several
> 'new programming paradigm' projects (of which there are legion) that closely
> matched your description of what you think is necessary, but none of them
> actually looked practical and AFAIK none of them have produced anything
> useful.
> * Michael Wilson

You saw others that closely matched my description? I think not. At the
Supercomputing 2001 conference in Denver I gave a talk about this (in the
Exhibitor Forums, so it was not published) and then later discussed my
ideas in detail with the head of a government agency that was charged with
fostering innovation in this arena. She was in the process of organizing
an invitation-only workshop on the subject of software development tools
for large, complex systems, and she reported that the ideas I had proposed
in my talk were unique. Nobody else, she said, was coming at the problem
from the angle I had suggested.

I did not describe the details in my last post, only the general approach.
 Not enough for you to dismiss it as closely matching anything.

Richard Loosemore

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