Re: CEV, next take

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 21:19:21 MDT

I'll add: Have you read a book called 'The Seven Basic Plots' by
Christopher Booker? The title sounds unpromising, but it turns out not
to be about formulae for stories, at the end - what it discusses and
unveils is the framework of human sentience itself. You profess to
value love and life and laughter, and I think you mean what you say,
but I do not think you grasp how small a fragment of the state space
these qualities occupy, and how counterintuitive the vectors are.

I'm not saying this as an insult, because it is extraordinarily hard
to figure this out, I myself only managed it last winter when I read
that book (and even then it is of course only the faintest glimpse - I
do not believe it to be within my abilities to create a sentient mind
from scratch). Still, I think that faint glimpse would be well worth
your while to acquire, so that you might see the single rose I am
desperately trying to find a way to protect while you (no offense
intended) cheerfully pore over blueprints for a maximally efficient

- Russell

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