Re: Collective Volition, next take

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 17:09:26 MDT

--- Russell Wallace <>

> Starting with present human society, create a
> world government with
> absolute knowledge and absolute power, capable
> not only of seeing into
> people's homes a la 1984, but into their very
> thoughts; with no
> Constitution (you don't want any hardwired
> protections, after all) and
> no escape, ever (nobody gets to opt out of CV).
> Don't you find it at
> all reasonable to suggest that society would
> turn utterly evil very
> quickly?

I think society would indeed 'turn utterly evil'
under the scenario in this para, *without* CV. A
de facto world government by corporations, or
theocracy, or both, with advanced surveillance
and weapons, (which is where we're presently
headed) gives that result.
I think what will be needed, in the final
analysis, will be a sort of mixed CV/domain
protection arrangement. Last I looked, the Amish
weren't bothering anybody; living options like
that should always be available to those who want
Tom Buckner

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