Re: Perspex Space

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2005 - 04:45:17 MST

--- Marc Geddes <> wrote:
> I recently came to
> believe
> that there is no danger from an Unfriendly A.I
> after
> all, since I now think that morality is a part
> of
> general intelligence and a sufficiently smart
> would be ethical by logical neccessity. Of
> course I
> know that a heck of a lot of people here would
> strongly disagree with me on that.

I think this could be true, given high enough
intelligence, but equally it could be painfully
false. In thinking about AI I continually ponder
the outliers of human cognition, realizing that
what makes ordinary human intelligence possible
also allows for 'Rain Man' savants (one way to
think of a SAI is to imagine that it has savant
capacity, not in one area like a human savant,
but in any area you can think of, all at once)
and also allows for intelligence without
conscience (sociopaths, whom I consider to be
widely camouflaged in places of power). And if
Buddha meets Hitler, I would expect Buddha to end
up dead. Alas.

Tom Buckner

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