Re: Perspex Space

From: Maru Dubshinki (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 23:01:23 MST

I'd say this whole thing is tainted by Mentifex's interest, but that
would be unfair.
After slogging through the pdf, looks like what this guy tried to do
was woosh away some annoying problems in arithmetic by labelling'em
(like division by zero) and go from there. A crank, in other words.


On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 23:05:18 -0500, Emeka Okafor <> wrote:
> From
> According to a University of Reading press release, Dr. James Anderson of
> Reading's Department of Computer Science has developed a new way to write
> computer programs. Instead of code, he uses a geometrical structure that he
> calls a perspective simplex or Perspex. A Perspex exists in Perspex space
> and, it is claimed, can do anything a computer program written as
> instructions of code can do. The developer alleges the Pespex "provides one
> solution to the centuries-old problem of how mind arises in physical bodies"
> and "provides a model that is accurate enough for a robot to use to describe
> its own mind and body". Dr. Anderson details his invention in "The Book of
> Paragon" which provides a detailed explanation of the Perspex Machine (PDF
> format). Meanwhile, the University website has further information under the
> more mundane name of "New Artificial Neuron" and includes the bizarre
> statement "In theory, perspex neurons could process an infinitely long
> program and thereby become omniscient, but, in practice, physical
> limitations force them to work only with finite programs".

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