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Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 22:35:53 MST

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> According to a University of Reading press release,
> Dr. James Anderson of Reading's Department of
> Computer Science has developed a new way to write
> computer programs. Instead of code, he uses a
> geometrical structure that he calls a perspective
> simplex or Perspex. A Perspex exists in Perspex
> space and, it is claimed, can do anything a computer
> program written as instructions of code can do. The
> developer alleges the Pespex "provides one solution
> to the centuries-old problem of how mind arises in
> physical bodies" and "provides a model that is
> accurate enough for a robot to use to describe its
> own mind and body". Dr. Anderson details his
> invention in "The Book of Paragon" which provides a
> detailed explanation of the Perspex Machine (PDF
> format). Meanwhile, the University website has
> further information under the more mundane name of
> "New Artificial Neuron" and includes the bizarre
> statement "In theory, perspex neurons could process
> an infinitely long program and thereby become
> omniscient, but, in practice, physical limitations
> force them to work only with finite programs".

I'll check this out. It sounds a bit similar to an
idea I myself have come up with. Instead of using
code for programming, I'm thinking of using a
structure which you could call a 'quanta of
sentience'. For a very rough schemtaic, see my
'Cognition Matrix' (this matrix represents my proposed
'sentience quanta' :

The pace of events now is really snow-balling. Every
man and his dog seems to be giving AGI a crack ;)

I've recently come up with a a number of very
interesting ideas indeed. I recently came to believe
that there is no danger from an Unfriendly A.I after
all, since I now think that morality is a part of
general intelligence and a sufficiently smart SAI
would be ethical by logical neccessity. Of course I
know that a heck of a lot of people here would
strongly disagree with me on that.

What I'm really interested to know is:

What is the Kolmogorov complexity of the seed-FAI

That figure must surely be of great interest to
sentients all over the multiverse.

I've also recently become convinced that the
Singularity is much much closer than I had thought.

It ends soon... ;)


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