Re: Perspex Space

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2005 - 01:11:03 MST

Maru wrote:
> After slogging through the pdf, looks like what this guy tried to do
> was woosh away some annoying problems in arithmetic by labelling'em
> (like division by zero) and go from there. A crank, in other words.

I agree. Legitimate AI researchers most commonly fail because they
pick a plausible looking simplistic mechanism and try to extend it
to cover all of intelligence. Cranks pick a completely arbitrary
simplistic mechanism and simply declare that it explains intelligence,
or for bonus crackpot points life, the universe and everything.

This is an example of the latter scenario. Representing programs as a 4D
hypercube in 20 dimensional space, with a single interpretation rule to
provide Turing completeness, does not magically make everything better
nor unify symbolic and connectionist AI in any meaningful manner. It's
somewhat reminiscent of Kanerva's 'sparse distributed memory' theory,
but the plausibility, realism and coherent description replaced by
amateurish ranting and wild philosophical speculation.

 * Michael Wilson

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