RE: Infinite universes and Corbinian otaku

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 21:01:04 MDT

Eliezer writes

> Clarifying note here: The "Corbinians" are indeed named after Lee Corbin,
> but no malice of any kind is intended. Lee Corbin is the only person I
> know of who says that people should have the right to do as they wish with
> any computing power they own, including running simulations, and that
> neighbors have no business intervening. Lee Corbin is consistent about
> this; if I recall correctly, he even said that if he himself turns out to
> be a simulation, he feels it's within the rights of the simulator to
> simulate him.

While avoiding using the word "rights" in the abstract, I know
what you mean, and you're on the beam: I eagerly invite anyone
whatsoever to run me, and they may freely terminate me at any
time (assuming somehow that such permission were required).
I would vastly prefer, however, that the environment you run me
in is at least mildly beneficial.

> This led me to speculate that most of the universe is made up of
> copies of Lee Corbin, since only he can be consensually simulated.

This is the best news I've heard all day. I sure hope you're right!

> Thus, whenever I devise a thought experiment in which some person is
> duplicated, split, folded together, et cetera, I always name the main
> character "Corbin". By extension, an entire species which holds a
> morality such that they allow arbitrary simulations should be called
> "Corbinians".

Gee, that's interesting. The fact that I'm here (to me) weakly confirms
that Eliezer's already succeeded with Friendly AI.

> For a Corbinian to simulate Kagome and Inuyasha, per Mazanec's question,
> he/she/ve would presumably have to be an "otaku" (hardcore anime fans). I
> have no idea whether Lee Corbin himself is an anime fan. I'm just
> pointing out that the presumably infinitesimal measure of Inuyasha in the
> multiverse is probably dominated by Corbinians who happen to be otaku,
> however few or however many of them there may be.

No, I dunno what otaku are, (beyond a quick web search showing they're
a kind of Japanese cartoon figure).

Yes, I guess I hope that a fair number of the the Corbinians are me!


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