Programming languages (software progress)

From: Erik Nilsson (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 02:42:27 MDT

Hi, all !

I would like to ask the opinion of the list regarding what the best programming language would be... Or perhaps more prudently, what the pros and cons of the best candidates would be in the context of "artificial general intelligence" programming. If one considers the efforts to establish a new language, e.g. "Flare", then one might believe there are weaknesses associated with the more established languages ?

I've also heard Eiffel is supposed to be fast to learn. Is that so and what would be the disadvantages with this language then ?


Erik Nilsson

Ben Houston wrote:

> Not in my world. The new languages I love such as Java and C# do result
> in higher productivity for me -- which in turn means I can write more
> efficient and complex programs with less effort and in less time.
> Modern languages have higher productivity for three main reasons: more
> precise/useful language constructs, managed environments, and better
> designed libraries. Both of these languages, C# and Java, are also
> hardware agnostic in that they both compile into platform independent
> "bytecode". There are now versions of Cobol, C++, Eiffel, and Visual
> Basic that also compile down to platform independent "bytecode".
> I think that software is doing a lot better that you believe. :-)
> -ben

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