Re: Programming languages (software progress)

From: Christian Szegedy (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 02:29:17 MDT

Erik Nilsson wrote:

>Hi, all !
>I would like to ask the opinion of the list regarding what the best programming language would be... Or perhaps more prudently, what the pros and cons of the best candidates would be in the context of "artificial general intelligence" programming. If one considers the efforts to establish a new language, e.g. "Flare", then one might believe there are weaknesses associated with the more established languages ?
I love Ruby. This is an almost ideal language, its only drawback is that
it is slow,
(It is interpreted.)

I think:
Perl made programming fast.
Python made it clean.
Ruby makes it fun.

The compiled languages, I like most : Sather and Ocaml, but I have to
spend most
of my time programming in C++, but I try to delegate all
non-time-critical tasks to Ruby.
My favourite would be a compilable Ruby.

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