RE: Philosophical assumptions (was RE: Books on rationality)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 19:20:16 MDT

> Mike:
> If you adapt faster, that would certainly be positive. But how
> confident are
> you that all the psychologically-derived indirect effects will be
> positive?

I find it hard to make generalizations about issues like this.

I'm pretty confident that the indirect effects of my philosophical attitude
on *me* have been positive.

Among others, I've seen similar philosophical attitudes have (what seemed to
me like) both positive and negative effects.

Human nature is notoriously unsupportive of generalizations ;>

> I ask this because I know many meditators (including myself in
> the past) who
> found themselves prey to all kinds of superstitions.

I have always been completely non-superstitious.

I did go thru a period when my intellectual/philosophical attitude was
completely nihilistic. However, even then, my actual behaviors were not
nihilistic; I continued to be a fairly goal-oriented and moral person in
practice. I think that now, my conscious attitude and my behaviors are a
lot better aligned...

I'll be *very* curious to see what kinds of philosophical attitudes are
natural to a roughly human-level AI! Human philosophies always feel to me
like a mix of "abstract generalities" with "human culture/biology-specific

Of course, also to see the philosophical attitudes of a superhuman AI --
though I assume the only way to understand these will be to *become* a
superhuman mind myself!!

-- Ben G

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