RE: Philosophical assumptions (was RE: Books on rationality)

From: mike99 (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 21:58:34 MDT

> It seems to me that your
> assumption
> about your subjective reality exhibiting "persistence and consistency over
> time" yields the same operational behaviors on your part as the assumption
> that reality of whatever flavor is law-bound, logical and unaffected our
> wishes about it except insofar as wishes lead to action.
> Regards,

Pretty much, yup.

Except maybe I'll adapt faster tomorrow when the simulation is turned off
and we wake up in some other (sur)reality ;->

I suspect that there are some *psychological* differences between my view
and the realist view, though, in terms of their indirect effects on the
remainder of the mind holding the view...

If you adapt faster, that would certainly be positive. But how confident are
you that all the psychologically-derived indirect effects will be positive?

I ask this because I know many meditators (including myself in the past) who
found themselves prey to all kinds of superstitions.

But not all who meditate fall that way. When one student asked my Zen
Roshi's Japanese Roshi a question about astrology, the latter thundered
"Superstition!" And that was that. It was good for me to hear at the time :>

Mike LaTorra

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