software progress (RE: Hardware Progress: $319/GF)

From: Ben Houston (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 11:25:09 MDT

Eugen Leitl said:
> Software progress is stagnating, and the current software
> model is locking in current hardware model.

Not in my world. The new languages I love such as Java and C# do result
in higher productivity for me -- which in turn means I can write more
efficient and complex programs with less effort and in less time.
Modern languages have higher productivity for three main reasons: more
precise/useful language constructs, managed environments, and better
designed libraries. Both of these languages, C# and Java, are also
hardware agnostic in that they both compile into platform independent
"bytecode". There are now versions of Cobol, C++, Eiffel, and Visual
Basic that also compile down to platform independent "bytecode".

I think that software is doing a lot better that you believe. :-)

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