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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 14:40:11 MDT

Let me go on record saying that MITECS is a wonderful resource, and I dont'
know where I'd be without it. For those not fortunate to possess the power
Google Without Error;

partial text available to all. You can get fulltext access by buying the
book, or subscribing to cognet. I highly recommend it, as it's fully
searchable, and contains good internet links.

>From: "Mike & Donna Deering" <>
>HELP! I'm reading the MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science in order >to
>better understand the basis for Eliezer's ideas on GAI design. >I've read
>through the introduction and am ready to start on the >articles. But they
>are in alphabetical order which is great if you >know what you are looking
>for, which I don't. From reading the intro, >I get a feeling that there is
>a lot of unrelated stuff in here that I >could skip. If you could point me
>in the right direction I would >really appreciate it.

I would recommend reading the introductions to the sections. They're very
informative, and give one better direction for finding what's interesting to

Eli's method has it's own merits, of course. It is a book of knowledge. And
like all such books, there's really no bad way to learn from it.

The important thing is, as MITECS is a reference work, to determine what it
is you want to learn from it. If you're looking for context in which to
interpret AI work, read AI articles. If you're looking for grounding in
something, read through the introduction to it, and start chugging through
the section.

if anyone is interested, I'll loan you my fulltext access password, just so
you can evaluate the use of the online text. I find it very useful, but your
mileage may vary.

Such things deserve to be supported, however free information wants to be.

Justin Corwin

On Newton:
"Taking mathematics from the beginning of the world to the time that he
lived, what he had done was much the better half."

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