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From: Helge Kautz (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 11:12:41 MDT

On 16.05.2002 17:55 Uhr, "Mike & Donna Deering" <> wrote:

>> > I guess what seems most likely depends on your personal
>> > experience. Being an engineer and programmer myself, I
>> > consider the dedicated software team idea to be the most probable.
> Same here, but Iıve not yet decided any details about the plot. Itıll probably
> be early 2004 before I even start writing ­ there are things to be written,
> and lots of things to be learned until then.
>> > I look forward to reading your stuff. By the way, what is the
>> > name of your book that you wrote in 2000?

> Iım writing in german, and Iıve no idea if thereıll ever be a translation of
> anything I do. However, my 2000 book was named ³Farnhams Legende², a space
> opera, and it was a curious thing that opened some doors for me that were
> closed before.
> It is my personal believe, that Singularity must happen, and the more people
> think about it, the better. I want to give a broad perspective on the bright
> and also the dark side of the concept ­ and that whatıs in between: a large
> plane of different shades of grey.
> BTW, I read your ³hard take off² story a couple of days ago, and I think itıs
> really cool. Couldnıt stop reading until I finished and then I was a bit
> disappointed that it wasnıt longer :-)
> Helge

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