Re: Novamente Uber Alles?

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Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 09:58:02 MDT

>From: "Ben Goertzel" <>
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>Subject: Novamente Uber Alles?
>Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 17:24:02 -0600
>Just in case anyone on this list actually believes an evil Novamente is
>going to conquer the world in the next couple years (or hours ;), I guess I
>should make some cautionary remarks...
>If things work out well, I think it's plausible we'll have the current
>Novamente design *completely implemented* in 18 months or so. It could end
>up taking double that long, however, for a couple reasons: team members
>spending nearly all their team working on practical applications of the
>partially-complete system; or unforeseen difficulties in "tuning" (i.e.
>getting to actually function as intended) various system components.
>What we will have then is, hopefully, not just a bunch of AI code, but a
>baby mind. Teaching this baby mind anything may take a long time. And the
>teaching process may reveal significant design shortcomings, leading to
>& more work. It is rather hard to predict how time-consuming the teaching
>of a baby digital mind will be, since no one has yet seriously attempted
>such a thing.

I'm starting to worry seriously about AI, i can't help. I just had AI1
graduate class and didn't finish AI2 fifteen years ago. But still, are you
sure everything will go okay ? Wouldn't it be safer to cut the machine from
the world, that is no communication possibilites etc ?

>I do believe we're actually on the path to creating a seed AI. Of those
>are familiar with the system design, some agree with this assessment and
>some disagree. (The members of the Novamente engineering team are on the
>"agree" side, not surprisingly; the Webmind folks who were more skeptical
>moved on to other things after the paychecks stopped coming in!)

Seed AI means everything's possible right ?

Jean Nguyen.

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