RE: Novamente Uber Alles?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 13:01:41 MDT


> I'm starting to worry seriously about AI, i can't help. I just had AI1
> graduate class and didn't finish AI2 fifteen years ago. But
> still, are you
> sure everything will go okay ? Wouldn't it be safer to cut the
> machine from
> the world, that is no communication possibilites etc ?

There will come a time when this issue merits very serious consideration.

Right now, we are at a vastly more primitive stage than that, so it's no

Most optimistically, it will be a couple years before such an issue becomes
worth debating for our project. Quite possibly longer than that.

> Seed AI means everything's possible right ?

"Seed AI" means an AI that can modify itself in a goal-directed way to make
itself progressively more & more intelligent.

This will lead to an exponential increase in intelligence, however, we do
not currently know how to estimate the exponent (the rate of increase). Nor
do we know if there are some physical/information-theoretic limits on

-- ben

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