Re: Novamente Uber Alles?

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Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 10:29:48 MDT

Greetings to each and everyone,

For a start, reading the 'Nagging questions' thread starting at : might address some of your
fears or apprehensions.

I recommend reading ALL of the archives located at:


Arona Ndiaye.

PS: Off course reading GISAI and CFAI located at:

should definitely address a lot of issues and answer a lot of questions.
There is no 'shortcut'...

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> I'm starting to worry seriously about AI, i can't help. I just had AI1
> graduate class and didn't finish AI2 fifteen years ago. But still, are
> sure everything will go okay ? Wouldn't it be safer to cut the machine
> the world, that is no communication possibilites etc ?
> Jean Nguyen.

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