Different View of IA

From: Will Pearson (w.pearson@mail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 05:30:43 MDT

Imagine your seed AI's but with one goal, please the user.

How well the AI performs the goal is transmitted via a brain wave monitor that people learn to use to send messages to the computer. (Simple signals like you've done well or you've done poorly).

The seed ai is inside a wearable computer that has all the usual links etc. It communicates to the user with sound and a small semi-transparent lcd display. All the tech is available today. It would also have a variaty of senses that we don't have.

What I imagine you would end up with is something akin to this.

The IAS would warn you visually if something bad was about to happen, that it noticed with it's super intelligence. It could talk to you, and it would almost seem like you own conciousness. If your goals were to find out the secret of the universe so would it's. If yours were to expand your own intelligence so would it's. Hopefully it would seem like it was a part of you, more so than the technology you use everyday, as it would be effortless to use.

IA doesn't have to be embeded, it would be better but it doesn't have to be.

If you still think that self motivated (friendly or otherwise) AI will be first or better for whatever reason, think of this as a backup plan, if programming the goals are too hard :).


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